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Glenview is a market garden near New Byth in Aberdeenshire producing homegrown, seasonal vegetables at competitive prices for our local community.

We participate in the Farmers' Markets at Huntly and make weekly deliveries of seasonal vegetables to homes and businesses in our local area.

Our polytunnels allow us to grow vegetables which are slightly tender and extend the season to include a range of greens and salads through most of the year.

Healthy Vegetables
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An orchard of apples, plums, and pears and soft fruits planted in 2008 will supplement our range of produce.

Surpluses are turned into delicious seasonal pickles, preserves and chutneys.

Meet us at the Farmers' Markets at Huntly which we regularly attend, or give us a ring to come and see the garden and our approach to growing.

We are looking to set-up a long-term relationship with those seeking seasonal produce. If you are interested in a weekly delivery of a small, medium or large 'box' of vegetables, or would like your own selection of vegetables delivered to order, please give us a call. We will be happy to show you around the garden so you can see our approach to growing.

Latest news

June 2017

Being a bit late with this monthly up-date, we can now write that we like the rain! The garden really needed a good soaking for the garlic, onions and potatoes to bulk up and the broad beans to form their fruit. Hopefully, after a good dose of heat the wet conditions will soon bring some variety to our vegetable production.

The greenhouse has changed its nature and is full of sweet pepper and chilli plants now. The young plants seem to have doubled in size after just two days in fresh compost, so they are away. Bring on some more hot days to make it a good year for peppers.

In the poly tunnels, the tomatoes are up to my shoulders and seem to be setting lots of fruit, while the autumn squash and marrows are running rampant over the beds and paths in their poly. In the third poly the french beans are beginning to flower and the cucumbers and gherkins are growing apace. It all looks promising for July harvest.

Outside, the beetroot, carrots, parsnips and swede seem to have germinated quite nicely and with this rain should start growing well, already they need a good weeding however to help them grow without competition. It's on the list of jobs to do. We are still planting out leeks, savoy, red cabbage, winter cabbage, celery and celeriac, so we're always busy. Most like we will lift our heads up for a look around come July!

Our next farmers' market is Saturday, 1 July, 9-1 in the square in Huntly. We make a weekly delivery of veg to customers within the MacDuff/Banff/King Edward/Turriff area, although being the 'hungry gap' when not too much is available, it would be wise to wait for the end of June to start a delivery, but let us hear from you by email or phone if you're interested.

Amy & Yvonne