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Vegetables available for September 2017

Also Available:

Rhubarb and Ginger Preserves £1.80/1/2lb. jar

Fruity Chutney, Green Tomato Chutney, and Harvest Chutney £1.80/1/2lb. jar, 2 for £3.50, 3 for £5.00/1/2lb.

Berry Jelly, Mint Jelly and Pepper Jelly £1.50/1/2lb. jar, 2 for £2.90

Tomato Ketchup £1.50/bottle

*NEW* Mixed Vegetable Pickle £1.50/jar

Blackcurrant Preserves £2/1 lb. jar

Gooseberry Preserves £2/1 lb. jar

Strawberry Preserves £2/1 lb. jar

*NEW* Blackcurrant Vinegar £2/bottle

Raspberry Vinegar £2/bottle

*NEW* Piccallili £2/jar