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Vegetables available for December 2017

The recent frosts have made harvesting veg a bit difficult. We have the following vegetables, but may not be able to pick them if they stay frozen all day. Hoping for slightly warmer weather before the holiday picking schedule!

Also Available:

Fruity Chutney, Green Tomato Chutney, and Harvest Chutney £1.80/1/2lb. jar, 2 for £3.50, 3 for £5.00/1/2lb.

Berry Jelly, and Mint Jelly £1.50/1/2lb. jar, 2 for £2.90

Tomato Ketchup £1.50/bottle

Blackcurrant Preserves £2/1 lb. jar

Strawberry Preserves £2/1 lb. jar

Blackcurrant Vinegar £2/bottle

Raspberry Vinegar £2/bottle

Piccallili £2/jar