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This is a list of the 'typical' contents of our boxes during the year

Summer Spring / AutumnWinter
New PotatoesPotatoes Potatoes
Spring Onions
Salad Onions
Onions Onions
Carrots Carrots Carrots
Green Leafy Veg: Spinach, Chard Green Leafy Veg: Kale, Spinach Green Leafy Veg: Kale, Savoy
Salads: Lettuce, Mixed, Rocket Salads: Lettuce, Mixed, Rocket, LandcressSalads: various winter leaves
Cucumber Cabbage Cabbage
Celery Squash Squash
Tomatoes Celeriac Savoy
Peppers Tomatoes Turnips and Swede
Beetroot Turnips Brussels
Peas Oriental GreensOriental Greens
Beans: French, Broad, Runner BeetrootLeeks
CauliflowerCauliflower Parsnips
Calabrese Calabrese Celeriac