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Information About Home Deliveries

We offer small, medium and large boxes - just contact us to discuss your needs.

We include in the boxes seasonal produce which we have grown here at Glenview so that we can control both the quality and the price.

We aim to offer you a good selection of what's available at any one time and to vary the contents of your box week-by-week.

Inevitably our range is rather more limited from March - June (the 'hungry gap') than through the rest of the year.

If you don't like a particular vegetable, please let us know and we will exclude it from your boxes. We will also include recipe leaflets from time to time to give you some suggestions about how to get the best from your box.

You can choose to collect your box by arrangement directly from Glenview or alternatively we will deliver to you at home.

Our veg boxes contain our own selection of seasonal produce, subject to any particular likes and dislikes you have told us about. If you prefer to make your own selection, however, we are quite happy to customize your order each week, subject to a minimum order value of £8.

We include a vegetable availability list on the website to enable you to make your selection and email or phone in your order for the next week. We are grateful to receive orders by Thursday morning for a Friday delivery.

We try hard to ensure that what we offer you is of the best quality. Since we don't use any chemical pesticides in our growing, you may find the occasional 'visitor' in your veg - especially cabbages, cauliflower, lettuce and the like. We carry out a visual check to see that the contents of your delivery are in good condition when they leave us here at Glenview.

If you have any cause of dissatisfaction with anything that you receive from us, please let us know and we will be happy to give you either a replacement or a refund.

We generally avoid washing or pre-preparing your veg - we may give root vegetables a quick rinse in cold water to remove the worst of the mud. We have found that 'dirty' veg store for longer and in better condition than those that are washed before sale.

We recommend that you store your all-purpose vegetables in cool, dry conditions (a pantry is ideal) and remove them from plastic bags etc to keep for longer - but salads do better kept in a refrigerator in their bags, to keep them fresh.

Please see the list of the 'typical' contents of our boxes, though this is evolving all the time as our range grows. We try to give all box sizes a good variety of produce - and adjust the contents mainly in quantity rather than range.