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Glenview is a market garden near New Byth in Aberdeenshire producing homegrown, seasonal vegetables at competitive prices for our local community.

We participate in the Farmers' Markets at Huntly, on the first Saturday of every month.

Our polytunnels allow us to grow vegetables which are slightly tender and extend the season to include a range of greens and salads through most of the year.

Healthy Vegetables

An orchard of apples, plums, and pears and soft fruits planted in 2008 will supplement our range of produce.

Surpluses are turned into delicious seasonal pickles, preserves and chutneys.

Meet us at the Farmers' Markets at Huntly which we regularly attend, or give us a ring to come and see the garden and our approach to growing.

Latest news

Spring/Early Summer 2018

Planting out the crops has been a bit delayed this year with the cold lengthy winter we've had, but the polys are planted up with beans, kohlrabi, lettuce, squash and tomatoes and soon we'll have some sweetcorn and tomatillos, and cucumbers going in. Actually, the oriental greens and Chinese cabbage are growing on well with harvesting soon.

The greenhouse is stuffed full of modules just waiting to be out, and they soon will be. We've prepped the outdoor beds for brassicas and it looks like the weather is about to allow us to get them all planted. Hope so.

The beetroot and parsnips are sowed, although not showing yet. Potatoes have been tucked in the ground with a new layer of compost on top, so they should soon come along. Also carrots, swede and turnips will go in and then the early leeks. It seems everything is happening in a rush this year.

Our next farmers' markets are Saturday, 5 May, 2 June, and 7 July, 2018, 9-1 in the square in Huntly.

Amy & Yvonne