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Glenview is a market garden near New Byth in Aberdeenshire producing homegrown, seasonal vegetables at competitive prices for our local community.

We participate in the Farmers' Markets at Huntly and make weekly deliveries of seasonal vegetables to homes and businesses in our local area.

Our polytunnels allow us to grow vegetables which are slightly tender and extend the season to include a range of greens and salads through most of the year.

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An orchard of apples, plums, and pears and soft fruits planted in 2008 will supplement our range of produce.

Surpluses are turned into delicious seasonal pickles, preserves and chutneys.

Meet us at the Farmers' Markets at Huntly which we regularly attend, or give us a ring to come and see the garden and our approach to growing.

We are looking to set-up a long-term relationship with those seeking seasonal produce. If you are interested in a weekly delivery of a small, medium or large 'box' of vegetables, or would like your own selection of vegetables delivered to order, please give us a call. We will be happy to show you around the garden so you can see our approach to growing.

Latest news

July 2017

Well, it's hard to complain too much about the weather, but it has been a bit strange to predict and crops like the potatoes aren't liking the drier than usual approach to spring and summer in Scotland. Generally, things are growing away, including the weeds, and we are just about through planting out most of the vegetables for winter and next spring. Then we will get after all those pesky weeds.

The greenhouse has pepper and chilli plants flowering away, so we are busy pollinating with our little paint brushes - there are some bees to help, but they can get stuck inside overnight so we have to give pollination a helping hand.

In the poly tunnels, the tomatoes look early this year; they have set lots of fruit which is just starting to ripen. The French beans are much the same, flowering and beginning to produce what promises to be a good crop. The cucumbers, on the other hand, are not coming as well as we cannot seem to keep up with the watering that they demand in this hot, sunny weather. Salad in the polys has also suffered from the heat, while the outside lettuce desperately needs weeding. Oh, well. We will get to it.

Outside, the broccoli is just starting to produce and the summer cabbage is not far behind. We are hopeful of some early cauliflower soon. Carrots, beetroot, kohlrabi and parsnips are all growing nicely now, but will need some watering if this hot weather keeps up. Every year is different!

Our next farmers' market is Saturday, 5 August, 9-1 in the square in Huntly. We make a weekly delivery of veg to customers within the MacDuff/Banff/King Edward/Turriff area, so let us hear from you by email or phone if you're interested.

Amy & Yvonne